All on 4

All-on-4 is an alternative approach to place a full arch (top or bottom set) of fixed, replacement teeth. Four dental implants are used to stabilize the replacement teeth. The All-on-4 concept involves placing implants in available bone, thereby avoiding the need for bone grafting or sinus lift.  Special abutments allow a temporary set of replacement teeth to be placed the same day and used with a modified diet while gum tissues heal and the implants integrate with natural bone. After about six months, the final bridge is then placed and the patient is able to resume a normal diet.

All on 4 treatment concept advantages:

  • You will have a stable dental prosthesis with just a single surgery on patients with total edentulism.
  • The surgery is much easier since no further surgery methods as sinus lifting or bone grafts.
  • The surgery time is shorter.
  • Its cost is less than other treatments since less dental implants and no further surgery methods is applied.
  • It provides esthetic smile and look.
  • It is appropriate for patients that can’t use removable partial denture and have nausea reflex.
  • Its cleaning process and maintenance is much easier than common treatments.
  • Its design is different than dental plates, since it does not cover the whole plate of the patient, it is easier to adapt to and use.
  • Since necessary session amount is less, it is easier to be used by patients who live in different cities.
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